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Keep On Trucking in Your Sparking Clean Vehicle

We power wash fleet trucks in Matthews & the greater Charlotte & Huntersville, NC area.

Did you know that pressure washing is the best way to clean trucks? A freshly-washed truck looks bright, shiny and ready to hit the road. The expert cleaners at LMS PowerWashing LLC will:



  • Pressure wash the exterior of your trucks
  • Clean your truck windows
  • Acid-wash and brighten any aluminum on your vehicles
  • Wash out your trailers

Keep your trucks looking spick and span. Call us today for a free quote.





5 ways to keep your truck clean between professional washings

You’re on the road a lot, and you don’t always have time to have your trucks professionally cleaned. Here are five easy ways to keep your truck looking great year round:





  1. Vacuum your floors once a month.
  2. Keep a plastic bag in your vehicle for trash.
  3. Eat and drink at rest stops, instead of in the vehicle.
  4. Keep disinfectant wipes in your truck.
  5. Keep window cleaning spray and paper towels in the truck.

Follow these tips, and your truck will look great and give you a more enjoyable ride. You should still have the exterior of your truck professionally cleaned every month or two, though. Call 704-293-9403 today to schedule a cleaning in Charlotte & Huntersville, NC.