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Make Your Home Sparkle Like New in Charlotte & Huntersville, NC

Is the outside of your house looking a little dingier than it should? Power washing your siding can make a world of difference. See for yourself when you call LMS PowerWashing LLC to brighten up your home. Our cleaning professionals will make your home look like it did the day you bought it. Call us today for a free quote on your power washing job.

 3 parts of your house to power wash every year

3 parts of your house to power wash every year

Are you getting ready for spring cleaning? Every year, you should pressure wash your:

  • Siding - Make your house look good as new with freshly-cleaned siding.
  • Driveway - Wash away old oil spills, coffee stains and dead leaves.
  • Deck or patio - Hang out in a bright, clean outdoor living area.


The LMS PowerWashing crew will clean the exterior of your Charlotte or Huntersville, NC home from top to bottom. Our experts can also clean your windows and pool area and clear the debris from your gutters.

Call LMS PowerWashing at 704-293-9403 for a free quote.