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What Is Roof Cleaning?

Maintain the roof of your home in Charlotte & Huntersville, NC

You rake leaves and clean your gutters, but when is the last time you scheduled a roof cleaning? Roof cleaning is a specialized form of cleaning that rids your roof of dirt, grime and mildew. It’s not a form of pressure washing, but a soft-wash technique that uses no more pressure than your average garden hose.

LMS PowerWashing LLC provides quality roof cleaning services in Charlotte & Huntersville, NC area. There’s no need to climb on your roof and risk a bad fall. Trust the professionals for roof cleaning services any time of the year. Schedule your roof cleaning service today.

Extend the life of your roof

Roof cleaning does not damage your roof-it actually extends the life of your roof. Just like any other feature of your home, your roof needs regular cleanings to stay in good condition. Call or email LMS PowerWashing today to schedule your roof cleaning service in Charlotte & Huntersville, NC.