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Why Schedule a Professional House Washing?

House washing is not a DIY job in Charlotte & Huntersville, NC

Homeowners and inexperienced pressure washers in Charlotte & Huntersville, NC can often do more damage than good during a house washing. Oftentimes, house washing jobs require different techniques and solutions to clean a home properly.

The owner of LMS PowerWashing LLC grew up in a family that builds homes for a living, so you can trust our expertise. You can depend on us to:

Work cautiously to clean around all parts of your home or building.
Bring attention to any repairs that need to be completed.
Go the extra mile to make you happy with the final product.

We will safely and effectively complete any house washing job, from concrete surfaces to windows. We’re not afraid of dirt, so call today to schedule your house washing service.

Reach out to us for house washing services

Call, email or text LMS PowerWashing to schedule your house washing service. We'll ask a few questions about your home and take a look at the project. Our goal is to provide quality house washing services and leave you with a final product that exceeds your expectations.